Aacharya Dr.D.Bharadwaj is a Physician, a psychologist, a yogacharya, a scholar, a trainer par excellence and the founder of Ayurshi Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre. A graduate in Naturopathy and an expert in several lines of medicines like Ayurveda, Flower Remedy and Reflexology. He is a lover of India and Indology, with a deep commitment. He learnt Ayurveda from exceptional Gurus. He did meticulous work, tracing the roots of many existing medical sciences to Ayurveda and related Indian Sastras like Yoga. Before starting Ayurshi Ayurveda, he was running a Holistic Health Clinic in Chennai for around three decades, dedicated to practicing medicine meticulously and obtaining wonderful results. He is the recipient of several awards, recognitions from prestigious Institutions, notable among them are: Man of the Year award, for the year 2000, Outstanding Achiever Award for the year 2001, National memory Championship award for the year 1999 which he achieved when he was over 40 years of age.